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"In Motion" News Letters

Winter 2017
Mopars In Motion President

Hello Fellow Mopars In Motion Members,

Happy New Year! Another great year is behind us. 2016 was great and wonderful and awesome, and, well, you know a great time to be a Mopar Enthusiast. Many have said that the time to be into cars was the 60’s- Many great cars, many great events to take part in, and many great memories. We have officially changed that, the teens have become the best, that is 2013-14-15-16-17 are the best ever when it comes to Musclecars and being a car crazy enthusiast. With Detroit going above and beyond with amazing builds for you and me, to simply take a ride to one of our select dealers in our MIM network and getting behind the wheel of some amazing cars and trucks. What can I say, other than it’s a great time to be a Car enthusiast, and from the looks of it, we may have many more great years ahead of us.

Mopars In Motion is excited for 2017 and all that it has to offer our members and enthusiasts. We have a fun-filled year ahead of us starting in March with our kick-off party, to our four plus scheduled shows and multiple track events and Cruise Nights for the season. Don’t miss out on any of these events this year. In fact, if you attend all of the 2017 events, we may have a truly fabulous prize for you at the end of the season. More to come about this great reward later on in this newsletter.

It’s time to start thinking about getting those cherished autos out of hibernation and making that list of do’s and need to do’s once the season starts in under 60 days. Send in your Kick-off party RSVP along with your 2017 membership form today. You won’t want to miss out on any of the great things we have planned for you in 2017.

Ralph Barbagallo, Proud President of Mopars In Motion Car Club

Winter 2017
Mopars In Motion Track Day At Lime Rock June 29, 2017
Registration is Open Register TODAY!

Last year, We had such an enthusiastic response to our first ever Track Day at Lime Rock Park, we have decided to do it again, so more members have an opportunity to participate!  Mopars In Motion is excited to offer its club members a unique and exciting opportunity for a Track Day at an SCDA (Sports Car Driving Association) sanctioned day of racing their Mopars at Lime Rock Park! This 1.53 facility is a roller coaster ride that deserves its nickname as the Road Racing Center of the East. From the challenging uphill, to the fast 90 degree West Bend turn, to the exhilarating downhill turn – this track has it all. Mark your calendar now for this exciting SCDA Lime Rock track day! Participants can expect four on track drive sessions, one on one In Car Instruction if needed, and two Classroom Sessions. In an effort to provide maximum levels of safety, quality, and fun at our events, the SCDA will provide trained and certified SCCA flaggers at the corner stations. This ensures that our drivers can focus on one thing- improving their driving skills. This event is geared towards all skill level drivers, from Novice to Advanced. Please note that cars will need to be muffled to 86dB at all Lime Rock Park events.

Cost is $385.00 save $20.00 and an additional 10% of if Registered by May 29, 2017 Using 2017MoparsInMotion Code at registration. It is key for any and all drivers in the group use 2017MoparsInMotion when they register online for the group to get credit. Make sure to have your credit card in hand, Your card will be charged once the online entry is filed.

Register online via the link below TODAY!- www.Scda1.com  Pick the correct event June 29, 2017
Direct link- https://www.scdareg.com/events/scda-car-control-clinic-lime-rock-june-29th-park-sports-driving-association-780925

Reserve your spot today before they all fill up. Registration for June 29, 2017 Lime Rock Event must be done online. All Participants use 2017MoparsInMotion to receive the group discount. There is no minimum car count for the group to receive the discount.

If you'd like to be a part of this exciting event, you Must Pre-register and also Contact MIM President Ralph Barbagallo by email RalphsRapidTransit@Hotmail . com, as SCDA events at Lime Rock fill up quickly and sell out early.

See you at the track!

Winter 2017
Your 2018 Membership is Free!

Want a Free Year of Mopars In Motion Club Membership? It’s simple, Join us for Four of our MIM Hosted Shows in 2017, Register your Mopar for the 2017 Chryslers @ Carlisle under Mopars In Motion and Attend at least One Day of the Event, Attend the 2017 SuperCar Nationals and Show your car Or Race it, and your 2018 MIM Membership will be FREE! Want to make this an even better deal? Volunteer at the four shows and we will buy you lunch at those events and pay for your 2018 Kick Off Party Dinner.

Break Down
*Attend and register for four MIM Shows This Year.
*Register your Mopar under MIM for Chryslers @ Carlsile and Attend atleast one day.
*Attend and Register to Show and or Race at the 2017 SuperCar Nat's
*Your 2018 Membership is FREE YES, FREE!!!!*

Winter 2016
Mopars In Motion President
Hello Fellow Mopars In Motion Members,
Happy New Year! It will soon be time to take your beloved ride out of hibernation and ready your gem for the 2015 Show, Race and Cruiz-In season. This year will prove to be another great one. With many of our partner dealerships coming back for another season and new ones joining the MIM show circuit, I can’t help but dream about all of the great memories we will all be making together this year. I would like to welcome Papa’s back to the MIM family. Many of you have heard this awesome news and are excited to help bring the Mopar Expo back. We will be having our 2015 Kick-Off party at Papa’s at the end of this month, along with our first show of the 2015 season.  This year we will also have our first ever MIM sponsored Cruiz-In. The Cruiz_In will be on June 27th the day before our first show of the season. The Cruiz-In will be like none other that you have attended. If you were part of the 80’s and 90’s Papa’s Cruiz-In, you will wanted to be part of this one. We will have many Great Activities along with Awards, Music, Food, and who knows what else may come from a group of Mopars and Musclecars getting together. 
Make sure to take a look at our website and facebook page for all of the up-to-the-moment events and club information. Hope to see all of you on March 24th for our meeting and then March 28th for our 2015 Kick-Off party. And if you have your Mopar out of Hibernation, please bring it out to the Kick-Off Party.
Ralph Barbagallo 

Ralph Barbagallo, Proud President of Mopars In Motion Car Club

Mopars In Motion Flickr Group
Mopars In Motion’s official Flickr group page is called: MoparsInMotion car club. This is the only MIM Flickr group created and controlled by the club and it’s members. Please post all MIM club event and show pictures on the official Mopars In Motion Flickr Page. If you’d like to view highlights from past events, or share your pictures with the club and it’s members via Flickr, Visit: www.flickr.com/groups

Mopars In Motion on Facebook
Did you know Mopars In Motion has a facebook page? Check out Mopars In Motion’s facebook page for up-to-the-minute information on all things Mopars In Motion! This page is your Club Forum to chat and connect with other members. Our page also features upcoming club events, weather related changes to the shows, MIM show photos, club happenings and member postings, and is updated daily. Check it frequently to stay up-to-date with the Club and the Mopar Hobby. We invite you to visit it today! YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP FOR FACEBOOK TO VIEW THE CLUB FACEBOOK PAGE, ONLY TO POST COMMENTS AND INFO!! Visit: www.facebook.com/MoparsinMotion 

New Vs Old Track Day- You’re Invited!
Mopars In Motion Members, the SuperCar Races American MuscleCar Racing New vs Old Event is Saturday April 18, 2015 at Lebanon Valley Dragway!!!

If you've ever thought about taking your new or vintage Mopar Musclecar down the quarter mile, or would like a club track day, here's your opportunity! MIM Club President Ralph Barbagallo invites you to join SuperCar Races American MuscleCar Racing for the SuperCar ShootOut New Vs Old Race at Lebanon Valley Dragway on Saturday April 18th. We had a great turnout of MIM members at last years New vs Old Race and everyone had a blast. It's a great time, you won't want to miss it!
Visit www.SuperCarRaces.com for more details

Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals July 10-12, 2015
Pre-registration is already open for the 2015 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals! When you pre-register, Register under Mopars In Motion Car Club. Let’s get a tent again for 2015! If at least 30 members of Mopars In Motion register under the club’s name, the club will be rewarded with an Official Club Tent on the show field. This would be for the use of all club members who register under Mopars In Motion Car Club for this great event. Register for the 2015 show now and save! Call today at (717) 243-7855 or register online at carlisleevents.com

Mopars In Motion Takes 2nd Place in the Carlisle Club Challenge
Mopars In Motion was well represented by our members at the 2014 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals, and we've got the banner to prove it! Members, thanks to all your support at the 2014 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals, MIM took home second place in the Carlisle Club Challenge!! Fantastic Job!! We had 53 cars register under the club for the event, first place only had 60, let's go for #1 this year!! We can do it!!

Burnin’ Rubber Calendar of Events
2015 Mopars In Motion Events

April 16, SuperCar Races Old Vs New, LVD
June 27, MIM Mopar Expo Cruiz-In Papa’s 5-10PM
June 28, MIM Mopar Expo Show n Swap Papa’s 
July 10-11&12 Chryslers @ Carlisle
July 19, MIM W.P.C. Classic Old Saybrook
August 16, MIM Summer Jamboree Dealer TBA
August 23, Mopars @ E-Town 
September 4-5&6 NEHOA Meet Bristol, CT
September 20, MIM Innovators Show Artioli
October 4 MIM Founders Finale Executive
October 18, SuperCar Nationals Show n Go LVD

Winter 2013

Officer Chit Chat
Mopars In Motion President
2012 was another great year here at Mopars In Motion Car Club. First, I want thank all that volunteered their time at our shows. I want to thank my fellow officers and partner dealerships, without them these shows would not be successful. Last, without all of you bringing your cars to the shows, we would not have car shows, or a club.

As we ring out 2012 and welcome 2013, we are excited to offer our members an exclusive Mopars In Motion Club website. The new website is www.MoparInMotion.com (Note, there is no “S” after Mopar). Walt Felix made the decision to resign as webmaster and photographer of MIM. His involvement as webmaster and photographer for MIM over the past years has not gone unappreciated. We thank him for all of his photo artwork created for the club and his upkeep of the previous MIM website. 

With the news of Walt resigning as Webmaster and club Photographer, the decision was made to have the new website owned by the club, and not by an individual. The officers feel the website should be the property of the club and all the club members. On December 2, 2012 we launched our new website with our new web address MoparInMotion.com . Walt Felix owns the rights to the old name. We have offered to purchase the domain name, but he has declined to sell it to the club. Unfortunately, because the club does not own it’s namesake domain, the club website needed to be renamed something other than Mopars In Motion.

Many members have been asking why we haven’t shared pictures of our 2012 show season in this year’s newsletters. Unfortunately, Walt was unable to fulfill his commitment to the club to share all of the 2012 show pictures that he took at this year’s shows. If you have images of the 2012 season that you would like to share with the club and it‘s members, please share them on our new Flickr group, MoparsInMotion Car Club, at http://www.flickr.com/groups/2153757@N23/
 The pictures that you submit may also be shared via the club website, facebook page and newsletter. 

 As we say goodbye to 2012, and welcome in 2013, we are reminded how important it is to keep the ones you love close. With the tragedies that have recently made headlines, we’re once again reminded how precious life is and just how short it may be. Remember to cherish the time spent with family and friends during the holidays and everyday. See you soon, at our next meeting January 20th, to nominate officers and talk about the 2013 season. Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year. 
Ralph Barbagallo 

Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals 
July 12-14, 2013

Pre-register before June 10, 2013 to get your window sticker early and drive right in when you get to the gate! When you pre-register, Register under Mopars In Motion Car Club. If at least 30 members of Mopars In Motion register under the club’s name, the club will be rewarded with an official club tent on the show field. This would be for the use of all club members who register under Mopars In Motion Car Club for this great event. 

Register for the 2013 show right now to save! Call today at (717) 243-7855 or register online at CarlisleEvents.com 


Mopars In Motion Winter Party and 2013 Kick-Off Celebration
Mark your calendars! Save the date! Send in your RSVP today! The annual Winter Party is scheduled for Saturday, February 23, 2013. Since we’ve got a winning combination of venue and caterer, the party will again be held at the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT, with Kensington Market once again doing the catering. Join your fellow club members for an exciting evening. We will have a magical venue, delicious food, videos of previous show seasons, club merchandise, tons of awesome raffle prizes, and endless homemade desserts! Plus, the museum has added an indoor working carousel for all to enjoy! The 2013 MIM Show Schedule will be unveiled at the party! Come to the party and be the first to get MIM’s 2013 show flyers! Send in your RSVP Form and Membership Renewal Form today! 

We are seeking donations of Raffle Prizes and homemade baked goods. If you have items you would like to donate to the Winter Party Raffle, or if you are able to contribute some baked goods/desserts for the party, please contact Sharleen Barbagallo at: SharBarb@gmail.com or 860-585-7478. Thank you for helping to make MIM’s Annual Winter Party fantastic!!

Here’s a MoPar Poem, I composed just for you.
 Find the MoPar Slogans in it, and all your 
MoPar Wishes will come true! 
By Sharleen Barbagallo
So I took a walk down the street, I had no wheels, just my two feet. Now I don’t mind to “Hussle my Stuff“, but all this walking was getting quite rough. 

Walking thru snow, moving quite slow, down to the store, for a “Six Pack To Go“.

Out in the cold, I caught a “Dodge Fever“. In my delirium, I became a “MoPar” believer.

Not feeling well, I jumped on the “Rapid Transit System“. When I boarded, the driver, well he had some words of wisdom.

He said his name was “Plymouth, he Tells It Like It Is“. And he wore a “White Hat Special“, now how about this?

He said “Plymouth’s Out To Win You Over This Year“ and don’t “Join The Dodge Rebellion“. I didn’t know if I should believe my ears, was this Plymouth guy for real? Did he think I was a hellion?

He said “Plymouth Makes It” a “Direct Connection“. Did that mean he didn’t need no directions?

He told me that “Plymouth Offers A System“. Was this guy running on all of his pistons?

When I asked if “That Thing Got A Hemi?“. All he said was that “It’s Voodoo Baby“.

And if that wasn’t enough, he said that he was “Built Ram Tough”.

I jumped out and ran when he slowed up, he wasn‘t exactly a little cream puff.

He yelled “GTX. That’s Short For Adios“. Goodbye, farewell, my new muchachos.

I can tell you now this much is true, I close my eyes when “The Rapid Transit System is Coming Through“.

When I open my eyes, I don’t look back, I go off and “Run With The Dodge Scat Pack“. 

(You can see some of the original advertisements on Moparts.com’s Picture Pages)

July 2012

Mopars In Motion President
Ralph Barbagallo

I have taken a little over a week to put my thoughts together about Julie Marquardt, and what she meant to me and my family. I was thinking about a what I could say about such a great person that I have gotten to know well in the past few years. Someone that I have spent many summer nights talking with, many car shows working side by side with, many nights hanging out with, her holding my daughter, Macy, she always knew exactly what to do to make Macy happy and content. What could I say about a young woman who was so beautiful inside and out, who had such energy to make sure everyone around her was taken care by her expression of love and wanting to make a difference in every action she took. Words can not say how much I will miss Julie. I knew when I was at the Robert’s show and Julie’s Fury never came, with her smiling, and Bob close behind her in his C-Body, the day would be a long. I will miss Julie’s smile, sense of humor, love, her ability to handle any Mopar with a flat tire on any interstate, her way of just making everything right around her.  ?
What I will miss the most is her unconditional love for Bob, she always made sure I did not feed him too many french fries, cheese burgers and cookies at our home and at the cruiz nights. Julie, one day we will meet up again and get to spent time together. Knowing you has made me a better person. 

You are missed. Love your friend, Ralph 

Mopar Trivia By Joe Sokola

 In the last newsletter, the Trivia Question was: Aside from the altered wheelbase 1965 Dodge Coronets and Plymouth Belvederes built for drag racing, what other non-racing altered wheelbase car did Chrysler build in 1965? 
Answer: The 1965 Dodge Polara Pursuit Police Car which was stretched from a 121-inch wheelbase to a 122-inch wheelbase to meet California Highway Patrol bid specs.

NEW QUESTION. The Chrysler "B" Wedge engine was available in 361, 383,and 400-ci displacements. In what displacements was the "RB Wedge engine available? 

Club Members Letters-Remembering Julie
I have been friends with Bob since our days at Newington High and working for the Waldbaum's Food Mart grocery store in the center of Newington. Bob was also friends with my brother Tim. Tim and his wife Pam were friends with both Bob and Julie. They decided to play matchmaker one night in 1991 and had them over for dinner and the rest, as they say, is history. I first met Julie during the summer of '91 on a weekend trip to the Mopar Atlantic Nationals. After spending time with Julie, I realized that Bob had found one of the greatest women on earth and their happiness was infectious. I feel blessed that Julie was my friend for 21 years. Julie was more than a friend to me. I have two brothers but no sisters and along with my sister-in-law Pam, I came to consider Julie as my sister. Julie was such a special person that my Dad started to refer to her as his daughter and Bob and Julie were present at many of our family get-togethers.

Julie was always the first one to ask how she could help. When Trish and I were planning our wedding and were talking about getting a photographer, Julie would have no part of that and told us that she would love to do the photography as our wedding present. Julie spent a lot of time and money documenting our special day in pictures and she would not let us pay for any part even though her time and expenses greatly exceeded the cost of a wedding present.

When Eli Ault's health was failing last summer and he was moved into hospice, the day before the Troiano show I thought that it would be great to get a giant sized get-well card for Eli with notes from many of the club members. At the time I had this thought, I had a prior commitment and was not able to get anything to use as a giant card. I called Julie and told her my idea and she said that she would take care of it. Upon arriving at the Troiano show the next day, Julie not only had a poster board, she had a poster board with an artful message to Eli that was ready for signatures and had a variety of color markers to use for writing messages to Eli.

Julie was one of the most thoughtful, kind, talented and giving people that I have met. My hope is to honor her life be trying to emulate her great qualities.     Bill Corcoran

Remembering and Honoring Julie 
By Sharleen Barbagallo

Bob and Julie have been described as soul mates. If you spent any time with them, you’d know that they had a marriage made in heaven. Some people never get to experience such a love and such a bond. Bob and Julie endured extreme loss and personal hardship in their life together. Yet, in spite of, or perhaps because of it, they cherished each other and the time they spent together. Never leaving the house or going to sleep without a kiss and an “I Love You“, because you never know. They were still able to see the joy in life, and shared that joy with others. They lived their life to the fullest, going on many adventures together. 

Mopars In Motion is on Facebook

Did you know Mopars In Motion has a facebook page? Check out Mopars In Motion’s facebook page for up-to-the-minute information on all things Mopar. Chrysler newsfeeds, events, photos, club happenings, member postings, Etc. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/MoparsinMotion 

April 2012

Free One Year Club Membership with the Purchase of a New R/T or SRT   From Our Dealer Network 
Mopars In Motion has rolled out a new program in conjunction with our partner dealerships, offering a Free One Year Mopars In Motion Membership to customers that purchase a new R/T or SRT this year. This novel idea was proposed by club members Kathy and Bill Skorzewski at the MIM club meeting held January 13, 2012. Everyone attending the meeting unanimously agreed that this was a great idea, and when presented to the dealerships, they also saw the value in offering this to their customers. The program, which has been rolled out to our partner dealerships, is another unique way to set their dealerships apart from all the others and create continuing relationships with their customers and introduces new Mopar enthusiasts to all that our club has to offer. The Club Membership Welcome Packets being given to the new R/T and SRT owners highlights the history of the club, our show schedule for 2012, benefits of club membership and invites them to send in the membership form enclosed in the Welcome Packet to activate their 2012 MIM membership.

MIM Show Seminars Back In 2012

 Since 2010, MIM has held seminars at our shows that feature services, products and information that help our members take care of their rides or educate them on how to improve performance, drivability and the experience of owning a show car. The seminars have proved to be such a great success that we will be featuring seminars at our shows in 2012. Featured seminar time and topic will be announced at each show.

Featured Vendor- New For 2012
Are you, or a friend or family member, a representative for Pampered Chef, Avon, Tupperware, Silpada, Etc., or perhaps a crafter? Would you like to sell your wares at our MIM shows in 2012? We’d love to feature you at one of our shows in 2012! Set up and sell for 1 hour, or the whole day! The only request is that you donate an item for the club raffle prizes. If you’re interested, please contact Sharleen Barbagallo at SharBarb@gmail.com or 860-585-7478 with the show(s) in which you’d like to be scheduled, so we can reserve an area for you and publicize your business/products in the newsletter. We will feature only one specialty vendor per show. The first show of the year is already booked, so contact Sharleen today if you’d like to be featured at one of our upcoming shows in 2012!

MIM Sets July 15, 2012 As Collector Car Appreciation Day Event Acknowledges Importance of Collection and Restoration of Classic Cars

 This year, MIM will be celebrating Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 15, 2012 as part of our show at Jon Lorenson’s Old Saybrook CDJ. National Collector Car Appreciation Day was launched three years ago by the SEMA Action Network (SAN) to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. Over the past two years, thousands of Americans have gathered at car shows, parades and other events to celebrate our nation’s automotive heritage. By taking part in these events around the country, automotive enthusiasts and related businesses ensured that their passion was honored and recognized. Our event commemorates America’s time-tested love affair with the automobile. Spread your enthusiasm for this cause to friends, family, car club members and others who appreciate the automotive hobby as much as you do. 

MIM Window Cling and XL Trailer Decals
The new Mopars In Motion window clings are available. You will receive one complimentary MIM window cling when you renew your membership. Additional window clings can be purchased at a cost of 2 for $5.00. We also have available large trailer decals, 3’ x 2’, in limited quantities, the price is $100.00 each, or 2 for $150.00. To reserve your set, Contact Ralph 

Club Members Letters
Here’s a letter from member Martin Kapalczynski, who’s caught the “disease”:

Why joining MIM is like getting an infection. I joined MIM the spring of 2010. At first I thought it would be fun to go to a few cruise nights and a few car shows but after attending a few events something strange started to happen. The more I talked to people and looked at their cars; I started to see my own car in a different light. How could I make my car nicer? Can I get it to shine a bit brighter? Is it all original? Do I have all the possible documentation on the car? Before I knew I had caught the “bug”.

In 2010 I may have caught the “bug” but during 2011 it became a full blown “infection”. I couldn’t wait for the start of the cruise nights and for the first show. I was always checking to see who else had a show in the area. I attended my first AACA show in 2011 (3rd place modern), my first national show in St. Johnsbury VT, WPC (2nd place modern),  ? (http://www.chryslerclub.org/meetinfo.htm) and my first Mark’s Classic Cruise. It seemed every week or two there was an event I wanted to attend. Before I knew it, it was October and I was at my first SuperCar Shootout in Lebanon Valley and the season was over.

Ralph, Sharleen and the MIM board of directors, thanks for promoting and spreading this love of MOPARS and I hope the 2012 season will spread the “infection” and more people catch the “bug”. 

Martin Kapalczynski 1987 Dodge Diplomat

January 2012

With the Holidays behind us, it‘s time to get ready for the 2012 season. To go full steam ahead on those projects you may have put of before the holidays. With under 90 days till April and our first Ralph’s Rapid Transit Cruiz-In, It’s time to get those projects done. I am personally in the progress of a light restoration and swapping out the drive train of Sharleen’s Demon. With most of my sub assemblies complete it should be done in time for Chryslers @ Carlisle’s celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the 1972 Model Year. Also in the works in my garage this year is regular maintenance and also completing small project on each and every one of the cars in my collection. It seems like you’re never really done with a car. So, don’t wait till April to complete that one thing you put off until winter. 

Before you know it spring will have sprung.   Ralph Barbagallo

Club Members in the News

For those of you who read the article in the last newsletter about Bob Tuninsky, and are wondering when he purchased a 1971 Dodge Challenger- Well, he didn’t. He won the Best of Show award with his 1971 Dodge Challenger. The reporter for the Meriden Record-Journal wrote that he won with a Charger. When the article was copied from the Journal’s website for our newsletter, it was copied in it’s entirety, misprint and all. Apologies to Bob for reprinting the error, and Congrats again on your best of show win. 


Something New For 2012

Are you, or a friend or family member, a representative for Pampered Chef, Avon, Tupperware, Silpada, Etc., or perhaps a crafter? Would you like to sell your wares at our MIM shows in 2012? We’d love to feature you at one of our shows in 2012! Set up and sell for 1 hour, or the whole day! The only request is that you donate an item for the club raffle prizes. If you’re interested, please contact Sharleen Barbagallo at SharBarb@gmail.com or 860-585-7478 with the show(s) in which you’d like to be scheduled, so we can reserve an area for you. Let’s give the women something special to look forward to at our upcoming shows! 

Mopar Trivia By Joe Sokola

In our last newsletter, the Trivia Question was: What was the FIRST year Chrysler built and offered a K car?? Answer was: 1964, as the Chrysler 300-K. I received many responses, thank you all for participating. However, club member JOHN KAZAKEWICH was the first to answer correctly! Congratulations, John! 

New Question: On which car and in what year did a Chrysler product first feature dual 4-barrel carburetion?


December 2011



    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, merry and happy. ‘Tis the season to fill your hearts with joy and happiness. ‘Tis the season to get all those projects done on your car! Yeah, I think I hit the nail on head, Winter is here! Time to fix all those issues that have stacked up over the show season. If you’re like me, you have come to enjoy this time of the year. In the past month, I have driven my cars just as much, if not more, than the whole summer. The weather has cooperated this fall and we were blessed with great end of season weather for those nice cruises to my In-Laws, the shore, over the river and through the… There I go again thinking about Christmas and the holidays. I guess I have to talk about that as well.   ?

It may sound like Christmas is a burden more than fun, but, I can’t wait! That Hess Truck that I hope Sharleen went to pick up before they ran out and can’t wait to unwrap. All of the great times we get to spend with our friends and family makes this time of the year special and fun. The thoughts of Christmas that are special for me are the time Sharleen and I spend together going to the special places that have become tradition. We have to make our annual trip up to South Deerfield, MA to visit Santa at Yankee Candle, and select a new ornament to put on our tree. We always take a nighttime ride thru Hubbard Park in Meriden, CT to see all the great Christmas lights (it‘s free!) and a ride up to Springfield, MA to see the fantastic Christmas light display for Bright Nights at Forest Park (Well worth the admission price). We spend time with our families, and always visit my friend Gary and his wife for dessert on Christmas evening. We take time to visit our friends and neighbors’ and share baskets of goodies Sharleen bakes only days before Christmas. 


Right after Christmas, I start to talk with our Show sponsors, Race tracks and plan the next show and race season. Last on my list of winter items is one part of winter that gets me from January 1st to the first car show- SLOT CAR RACING!!! Yes, some of you know what I am talking about. Once Christmas and New Years pass, there is nothing to look forward to other that the iron in the garage and those projects I mentioned. So when January rolls around, we are in full swing with slot car season. If you haven’t been over to my place in previous slot car seasons, I invite you to join us this winter. We have a group of racers, some new and some that have been slot car racing since the turn of the last century. The layout is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, four lanes, and powered by a BIG HUGE, kilowatt eating, power sucking, steel box that make the cars run like they’re on nitrous! I supply all the cars for the races. We do have a class or two that requires you to bring a car, but, for the most part, all that is needed is a couple of bags of snacks and some cold refreshments and you are part of the group. 

Till next time, have a safe, happy and joyous Holiday Season. See you in the basement for slot car racing or at the Winter Party in February. 
Your President, Ralph Barbagallo 

My Life In Cars by Peter Aimo
My love of Mopar began in 1975, the year before I entered kindergarten and my family and I were living in rural Ashland, NH. One of my Mom’s friends had a teenage son named Butch. Butch had a triple-army-green 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. Butch would take me for rides in that car from time to time, but he never really “got on it” when I was in the car. It was only 5 years old, but already had a damaged passenger’s door (the bit R/T scoop was unharmed, though), and many brown primer splotches as a result of backyard rust repair. Of course it had aluminum 5-slot Mags with fat white-lettered tires, and glass-pack mufflers. It also had the console-mounted pistol grip 4-speed shifter.

   One fine summer evening, at my Dad’s cookout, after many beers, my Dad starting berating poor Butch and telling him that his car was a rust bucket, and that a skateboard would probably provide more reliable (and faster) transportation, etc. Butch’s car wasn’t perfect, but he loved it, and my Dad was starting to get under his skin. Butch told my Dad, quite firmly, “Let me show you something that your stupid Toyota will never be able to do!”, and with that, he backed the Charger out of the driveway. And then we heard a deafening roar as he held the pedal to the metal and side-stepped the clutch. The car sat there, drifting slightly to the right, smoking both tires like Mt. Vesuvius, totally eclipsing the car in a fog of burnt rubber, then it shot forward like a bullet, and Butch hammered second gear, the car now was fish-tailing to the left, painting 2 thick smoky lines down the street. He straightened it out, still frying those bias-ply tires right thru third and fourth gear, till the car was out of sight.


At the tender age of five, seeing this was like seeing Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and my first “Playboy”, all at once!!! I looked up at my Dad, who had dropped his beer on the ground, and told him, “I want to be just like Butch!!”. Dad just shook his head. Later that night, as I watched “Bionic Woman”, I made a solemn vow to myself: That one of my life’s premier goals was going to be building a collection of Mopar muscle cars. And to this day, that promise has been fulfilled. 
   As for Butch’s Charger, the NH winters and teenage abuse took their toll, and it was sold to a local man who parted it out, long before I became old enough to own a car. Back in 1993, I needed an 18-spline Hemi 4-speed transmission for my 70 GTX. I found one, a few towns away from where Butch used to live. Could it have been the very one that came from Butch’s car? After all, this tranny was a 1970 vintage. I guess I will never know. But, it’s still in my GTX to this day.

New club member Pete Aimo shared his “Life In Cars” story, now what’s your car story? ?

by Sharleen Barbagallo

Here’s a Mopar poem, I composed just for you. Find the Mopar Slogans in it, and all your Mopar Wishes will come true! 

So I took a walk down the street, I had no wheels, just my two feet. Now I don’t mind to hussle my stuff, but all this walking was getting quite rough. 

Walking thru snow, moving quite slow, down to the store, for a six pack to go.

Out in the cold, I caught a Dodge fever. In my delirium, I became a MoPar believer.

Not feeling well, I jumped on the rapid transit system. When I boarded, the driver, he had some words of wisdom.

He said his name was Plymouth, he “tells it like it is“. And he wore a white hat special, now how about this?

He said “Plymouth’s out to win you over this year“, and “don’t join the Dodge rebellion“. I didn’t know if I should believe my ears, was this Plymouth guy for real? did he think I was a hellion?

He said “Plymouth makes it a direct connection“. Did that mean he didn’t need no directions?

He told me that “Plymouth offers a system“. Was this guy running on all of his pistons?

When I asked if “That thing got a hemi?“. All he said was that “It’s voodoo baby“.

And if that wasn’t enough, he said that he was “built ram tough”.

I jumped out and ran when he slowed up, he wasn‘t exactly a little cream puff.

He yelled “GTX. That’s short for adios. Goodbye, farewell, my new muchachos“.

I can tell you now, this much is true, I close my eyes when the rapid transit system is coming through.

When I open my eyes, I don’t look back, I go off and run with the Dodge scat pack.